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Do your car airbags expire?

A car airbag has a strange life. It spends most of its time in hiding until our lives depend on it. Then it springs into action for a few seconds, fulfills its destiny and passes away.

Obese drivers face higher risks on the road


The medical community continues to sound the alarm on obesity with the American medical society declaring it a disease. More than 4.3% of the Ugandan adults are considered obese according to the CIA world fact book, and while some health experts argue against the disease label, the reality is that being obese puts people at an increased risk for developing diabetes, heart disease and several types of cancer.

Why the Toyota Vigo?

The electoral commission has decided to use the 2015 Toyota Hilux Vigo pickup as the official general purpose vehicle in the 2016 Ugandan general elections. Big deal, right??

''I'll be back''

''I'll be back!!'' A famous slogan Lewis Hamilton sent out to 'rivals', with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the podium much to a thunderous applause, following his total dominance over team mate Nico Rosberg earlier today at the inaugural Australian F1 grand prix.


It was clear right from qualifying that Mercedes still had the edge over other teams with qualifying pace about 1.5 seconds better than their closest rival. That said, it was still expected of the likes of Ferrari with ace drivers Sebastien Vettel and Kimi Raikonen to bring the challenge on to Mercedes in the race but that wasn’t to be. In a race dodged by many engine failures and related performance issues, almost half the 17 man field did not complete the race, leaving an almost boring and rather predictable half end. At the front end, it was business as usual for Lewis as he led from start to finish, with just occasional flashes of Nico seeming to pull up close. On a positive side, the race served up a number of exciting young stars, chiefly Fellipe Nasr of team Sauber and Carlos Sainz of Toro Rosso who could be wild cards as the season progresses. 

Whereas it seems too early to make any sound predictions, one can’t help the feeling that this season once again has got Mercedes written all over it.

Full Race Stats

1 LEWIS HAMILTON                                     GBR         MERCEDES                    1:31:54.067 25
2 NICO ROSBERG                                        GER          MERCEDES                  +1.36s 18
3 SEBASTIAN VETTEL                                  GER          FERRARI                      +34.523s 15
4 FELIPE MASSA                                          BRA          WILLIAMS                    +38.196s 12
5 FELIPE NASR                                            BRA          SAUBER                        +95.149s 10
6 DANIEL RICCIARDO                                   AUS          RED BULL                     +1 lap 8
7 NICO HULKENBERG                                   GER           FORCE INDIA              +1 lap 6
8 MARCUS ERICSSON                                  SWE           SAUBER                     +1 lap 4
9 CARLOS SAINZ                                         ESP            TORO ROSSO             +1 lap 2
10 SERGIO PEREZ                                        MEX           FORCE INDIA             +1 lap 1
11 JENSON BUTTON                                      GBR           MCLAREN                  +2 laps 0
RT KIMI RÄIKKÖNEN                                     FIN            FERRARI                    DNF 0
RT MAX VERSTAPPEN                                    NED           TORO ROSSO             DNF 0
RT ROMAIN GROSJEAN                                  FRA            LOTUS                      DNF 0
RT PASTOR MALDONADO                               VEN            LOTUS                      DNF 0
DNS DANIIL KVYAT                                       RUS            RED BULL                 DNS 0
DNS KEVIN MAGNUSSEN                                DEN           MCLAREN                  DNS 0


World's ''Poorest'' President Steps Down

  • Published in News

The 79-year old former Uruguayan president Jose (pronounced Hosé) Mujica, who left office with a high approval rate, enjoyed huge public support during his reign, with his humble lifestyle and popular policies being the most memorable.

How to parallel park perfectly, every time

parking FINAL3

Arguably parallel parking is among the most nerve wrecking scenarios for most Ugandan drivers, moreso in the city where bumper-to-bumper traffic scenes, narrow roads and small parking lots (if you're lucky!!) are a common sight.

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