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Tech Dept.: The Latest on the Airless Tire-and-Wheel Combo

When Robert Thomson invented the pneumatic tire a century and a half ago, a rubber doughnut inflated with air was only one of several ideas the Scotsman proposed for softening the ride and reducing the power required to propel the carriages of his day. Thomson also suggested filling what he called his “aerial wheel” with sponges, springs, and/or horsehair to avoid flats caused by “concussion between the wheel and the roadway.” 


Chevrolet Sail U-VA review, test drive and video

The Chevrolet Sail U-VA will be the first model to come out of the GM-SAIC joint venture. This car, which will replace the Aveo U-VA will ive into a cut-throat and ruthlessly competitive segment. It will face stiff competition from considerably talented cars, like the Maruti Swift, Ford Figo and Toyota Etios Liva. So does it have enough oomph to take on the rest? Read on to find out.


Toyota Hilux: review

It took a while but Toyota has finally added electronic traction and stability control to its HiLux SR5 dual-cab diesel. There are additional changes to the SR5 as well, and some other upgrades down the model range, but the addition of the electronic chassis controls to the SR5 is really the main-event news.


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