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So you're VW, that don't impress me much... Featured

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Sometimes you have an itch you just have to scratch.

For this elephant’s case, the VW Polo was in the right place at the right time; the occupants of the Polo didn’t think so though!! Right in the heart of Pilanesburg National Park SouthAfrica, a field guide Armand Grobler chanced upon this rare, but rather bizarre scenario. Elephants are known to use logs, small trees, anthills and even rock boulders to relieve an itch or remove parasites; but with the VW so close, this was a chance too good to pass up. Or perhaps a chance to test the strength of the all too popular Polo.

The 2 occupants both male and female were badly shaken up, but luckily, escaped unhurt. So what of the car?? The Polo wasn’t so lucky as you would imagine; apparently all the windows were smashed, the roof badly dented, all tires were blown up and the chasis was broken. Phewwxxx!!!

As for the elephant, he soon left the mess, headed his way and lived happily ever after.


Last modified onSunday, 29 March 2015 14:10
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